My work is not only autobiographical, but represents

the way I presently view myself and my relationships with

others. I do not limit my materials to metals, but find them

challenging and attractive. I have discovered a strength in

my feminity. Feminine symbols such as flowers, breasts,

triangles pointed downward, and spirals have originated

from dream analysis and historical references. These symbols

combined with metal have brought me closest to self-expression.

Allusions to handicrafts that I am proficient in (needlepoint,

embroidery, crewel embroidery, crochet, knitting, and

tatting lace) are included in my work. Embellishment has

gradually evolved into the integration of surface and form. The

ephemeral lacy quality of light penetrating the work and casting

shadows is an important feminine consideration.



Copyright © 2006 Kaleta Doolin