Interactive spatial relationships make the viewer a participant

in my site-specific installations. Connemara/Masai Mara was

created with a grant from the Connemara Conservancy Foundation.

This piece juxtaposes the landscape in North Texas with the

Serengeti plains in Kenya and becomes an amphitheater

formed by the terraced hillsides at the site. In addition,

this installation incorporates other elements important to

my work. Needlework-like filigree in the steel draws from my

background in handicrafts. Additionally, the acacia tree in the

foreground of the site panorama is made from stabilized

adobe constructed with traditionally-sized blocks.

Forms and elements from nature are a central concern in

much of my sculpture. Flowers, trees, and adobe are

metaphors for my maturation as an artist and for my ability to

transform the intrinsic structure of the materials that I use. In

this sense, the structure becomes secondary to the considerations

of texture and the patterns of light that are created in certain sites.



Copyright © 2006 Kaleta Doolin