The 5th Annual National Bridging the Gap Awards 2000 Awards Program Booklet

Steel Water, Spirit of Invention, La Junta De Los Rios, Transformations are a few of the solo exhibitions of Kaleta Doolin. Her works in metals, mixed media, installation, video and book arts are represented in national collections including the San Francisco Museum of Modem Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, California College of Arts and Crafts, and New York Public Library. Kaleta Doolin has devoted her life to art as a practitioner, supporter and educator. She has a
B.F.A. and M.F.A. from Southern Methodist University. Doolin serves on the boards of Southern Methodist University, Meadows Museum, Public Art Committee, Hockaday Alumnae Association and others. She is also the Director and Co-Founder of the 5501 Columbia Art Center. She founded Contemporary Culture, Inc. in 1991 for the advancement of diverse visual, media, performing, installation and book arts. Doolin is a major influence on the artistic culture of Dallas and is involved in ensuring that local artists and exhibitions receive national attention.

In 1993, Doolin started the bi-annual "Art in the Neighborhood" education program to provide artist mentors and role models for area children. In 1995, she Co-Founded the Texas African American Photography Archive, along with her husband, Alan Govenar. It is dedicated to the preservation of the visual history of the region. Doolin makes artwork that others can relate to, as in her exhibitions: Garden, Women of Steel, Wired for Living, The Great Buffalo Art Show, Eye Tattooed America, Silent Stories, Women's Rights As Human Rights, Diversity and others.

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